Climbing & Abseiling


Climbing is one of the best activities to experience in the Maltese and Gozitan landscapes during spring and autumn. It is a great way to have fun and build a strong connection with your friends or colleagues. Rock climbing is a team effort and requires cooperation, trust and good communication skills. It will help build confidence in you and your team, and once the challenge is completed, the feeling of success and satisfaction will be one of the things that you take home with you.

Malta and Gozo have a varied selection of low or high grade climbs for all ages and experiences. A number of cliffs are family-friendly while others are more technical. Abseiling and rope bridges do not require a huge physical exertion and you can focus on just having fun. If you are experienced, the Maltese Islands can challenge you to widen your portfolio in Mediterranean climbs. Experts will be happy to try and conquer the different angles of rock, slabs, walls and even steep overhangs normally experienced in grade 8 climbs. If climbing at home is hampered by poor weather conditions or if you want a change from practicing your sport indoors, then Malta and Gozo will surely be a breath of fresh air.