Our Team

Elton Sant – Groups & MICE Manager

Prince Charming is a fantastic person with a very flexible and easy going character. He is a 5 star party person with the best ideas to make your event a world class act.  If he is not on the phone negotiating your group, then he is on the phone (again) discussing next Sunday’s team tactics with Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers (yes, another Anfield supporter).

E-mail: elton@vacmal.com

Mobile: +356 7942 8829

Kenneth Baldacchino – Managing Director

A veteran in the industry, Kenneth is considered as a true gentleman and enjoys respect by both customers and colleagues for his loyalty. Several years of experience has taught him that a quick and unexpected joke in the middle of a challenging situation always seems to help relations….pity that the jokes are not always understood. Always young at heart and cheerful…and if Liverpool FC earned their full three points, Kenneth’s Monday mornings would be like Friday afternoons for others.

E-mail: kenneth@vacmal.com

Mobile: +356 9942 6006